March 30, 2014


I am so happy. This week was the best/most interesting week of my mission ever. Hermana Carranzea is a super hard worker, and really hilarious. All we could do is laugh about all the crazy things that happened to us this week.

So we finally arrived Tuesday night to this cute little house in the very corner of Taltal. But at night we didn't see it for how it really was. It really is a nice place, but UNBELIEVABLEY dirty. Disgusting. Remember all those commercials about scrubbing bubbles or some cleaning product and we always say "Nobody's house is THAT dirty." No guys, there are people's houses that are THAT dirty. COCHINOS. And you wouldn't believe how many spiders are in our house. We've killed about 5 a day or something like that. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But don't worry. This morning we bought like a million dollars worth of cleaning stuff and started with the kitchen, the worst part. You'd think the bathroom would be the worst, but it really wasn't that bad, so that got cleaned up pretty quick. Oh, but the kitchen....ewewwwwwwww I have no idea what they did in that kitchen, what they made that blew up all over the walls and down the side of the stove and inside the cupboards and bothered not to clean up, but it was bad. And we still haven't finished. BUT we cleaned up a ton this morning, and it's seriously a different place. We just need to finish up with the stove and under the sink. But now I understand the importance of doing your chores every week! You cannot let it get that way! But we're good to go now :)

On Wednesday, we had mutual, and since we're serving a tiny branch where only like 35 people go to church every week, we have a lot to do in the branch, like presidency of Young Women, Relief Society, and Seminary teacher. Well, the mutual was pretty sweet! About half the branch is the youth, so a lot were there. They're all converts, and super nice! I already love it here.

We had a talent show on Thursday, and immediately asked me to do something. So I sang a song haha. I think I like serving in a tiny branch a lot more!!! The people here are hilarious and warm and happy. Taltal is a great place :)

Yesterday, we passed by a less-active who's husband isn't a member. Apparently he hasn't allowed missionaries in his home...ever. Only one year ago (well, and his companion because he had to) but as long as he's home, missionaries can't enter. Well he let us in. The very first thing he said (literally the FIRST thing) was that he would like it if his kids served missions, and that it'd probably be better to have both parents in the church. The only bummer is that he works for like 2 months at a time, depends sometimes, and he left today. But you can count on us getting over there as soon as he gets home! He said he notices that we're the first sister missionaries in Taltal, and he thinks it's a good thing that we're here to help unite the branch and help a lot more people than the Elders could. Wow.

So, as you can see, I'm loving Taltal. We still get lost sometimes, but it really is a tiny town, so we can't be lost for long! 

Love you all!

Hermana Howell

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