March 30, 2014

Loving Taltal!

So I'm loving Taltal. It's s super small town where everyone knows everyone, kind of like Hurricane, but even smaller than that. It's super quiet and lovely. The people here are so excited to finally have sister missionaries!! The branch is full of really great people who want to do what's right. And since it's a tiny branch where this Sunday 45 people went to church, the missionaries have a lot of callings! We've been called to help with visiting teachers, Young Women, and of course, teach seminary. GAH. TEACH SEMINARY. I'm so excited as well as challenged. It's gonna be hard, but we're gonna learn so much!!!
So I'm writing super late today because we've been traveling all day!!! Ok, not all day, but let me tell you what happened. So we've got a conference tomorrow morning in COPIAPÓ...WHOOOOO!!!! I'm so excited to be back in Copiapó after almost a year! So our bus left Taltal at 3:30, but there was no internet in the whole town all day (hahaha oh tiny towns) so we couldn't write! But we're here in Copiapó! :) All is well.
Hermana Carranza is the bomb. We have so much fun together. Honestly, I thought having a companion who's 32 years old would be boring or even hard to get along, but she is hilarious and super smart, and we get along great! It doesn't even seem like she's 11 years older than me.
All my missionary girlfriends are great from what I hear! Tayler is freezing up there in Indiana, along with Tomi and Megyn! Hahah but I'm sure they manage. Chiedu is loving it down in the Phillies, getting eaten alive of course hahaha. Sandra of course is eating it up in Brazil! I love being a missionary, and I'm sure that can understand that.
I hope all is well at home! I love you all so much!

PS - I'm gonna stay with Hermana Tuft while i'm here in COPIAPÓ! yay! :)

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