July 22, 2013

Another week flies by...

July 8, 2013

Hello hello!
I can't believe another week has gone by. This mission thing just keeps getting faster and faster. I almost have 5 months. ¡Pucha!

I have the best story to tell you all. So a few weeks ago, Hermana LeFevre and I were knocking on doors, and this lady answers the door. She says she's busy and says to come back another day (just like everyone else says), but she looked a little promising, so we tried again the next week. A man answered the door and she was right behind them and said they were leaving, but to come back again. This time we set up an appointment with them for last Tuesday. So we went on Tuesday, and let me tell you, I found my person. You know, that person you just KNOW you were meant to find. It's her. She is that golden investigator every missionary wants. We taught the Restoration and she completely understood everything. The man she lives with is actually a less-active, but he wants to come back to the church. The only problem is they aren't married! So they need to get married for her to get baptized. But she was saying how he says things about the church and she's always wanted to know more. We went back again on Thursday with our District Leader and his companion to teach the Plan of Salvation, and that was even better than the first lesson! She said it all just made sense and that somehow, she's known it all her life, but she doesn't know from where. She says when we come there's a feeling she can't describe, and when we leave, so does the feeling. Her boyfriend is really growing in his testimony, too. He helps us explain things when we can't think of the words, and I can tell he's really loving to see his girlfriend's testimony grow with his. Yesterday they came to church, and it was the best feeling in the world. When we picked them up, she came out in her skirt that she had made the day before and she was so beautiful and excited. Her name is Paulina and his name is Edgar. Edgar had on his slacks and button up shirt...oh, they were perfect. Hermana LeFevre and I wanted to cry because it was so perfect. They just looked so happy. They hit it off with the bishop, and we're actually going to have a Family Home Evening in the bishop's home this evening with Paulina and Edgar.  After church they went in and talked with the bishop forever! But I doubt it was anything bad because Paulina and Edgar and the bishop came out smiling so big! Just writing this makes me cry it's so perfect. Oh, the second time we went to visit, we asked her if she started the Book of Mormon and if she had prayed. She said she hadn't started the book, and she felt so bad and she said, "I promise I'll start tonight! I'm sorry I was lazy! I promise!" It was so cute, and Edgar was saying. "Yeah, we're going to put it right on top on the dresser so we'll see it and start reading because I know it's important to read every day." Tonight, I think we're going to talk about temples :) They have plans to get married, but we haven´t talked about it more than just asking if they have plans. Hopefully tonight when we talk about temples and eternal marriages, they'll set a date! I can just see them going through the temple. She's ready. He's ready. After they get married, its possible Edgar could baptize her. That would be perfect. I just love them so much! I love being a missionary!

We also set two dates this last week for baptisms on the 20th with Wilson who's 18 and his friend Franco, who's 20...so we don't need signatures from parents! That's one of the hardest thing with putting dates with minors...parents. But last night we taught Wilson and Franco and it was really good. They're getting ready to be baptized!!!! The Lord has blessed us so much this transfer. I have seen so many little miracles, and I have to say again that being a missionary is the best thing in the world.

We met President Dalton on Saturday. He's really nervous, which is completely understandable. His wife is about as fluent in Spanish as I am, so that's nice too. President Dalton is the man. His voice is so firm and deep and just...powerful. I feel like everything he says is inspired...and it just might be! It was so cute, right before our little conference started, President and Hermana Dalton were sitting up front and President Dalton looked like he was going to pass out, and Hermana Dalton whispered to him, "Its fine. It's gonna be okay. It doesn't have to be perfect." It just showed me how humble this man is and that he's called of God and wants to do the best job he can. I know he'll be great!

I was having my first interview with him, and he had asked where I'm from, and I had mentioned that originally I'm from Southern Cal and we got to talking and he wasn't making the connection, so after I said that Dad was from Rancho Cucamonga, and said that he grew up in Ontario I said ¨Yeah, your dad is actually our accountant." And he looked at my name tag and was like "OOOOHHH, HOWELL!!! Your grandpa had a machine shop or something? I remember him showing us around...ok, wow, small world!" Haha, but he's such a great man. I'm excited.

Well, that's about it for this week! I love being here and teaching these people. It's such a blessing in my life. Tell Sarah to start preparing now! Because it's hard, really hard, but the best thing in this world.

Hermana Howell

We are on fire!

July 1, 2013

Hi there!!

Wow. I really love working with Hermana Lefevre. We worked so hard this week! We had the highest numbers in our zone I think. I don't know for sure yet, but we worked our little legs off. We found 6 new investigators, brought 5 to church, and taught 29 lessons. One short of our goal haha, our goal was 30. But man I really love this companionship. We laugh all the time and work like crazy.

Monday we taught one of our investigators, Kote. We usually teach English right before the spiritual lesson with Daniel. He's one of the ward missionaries here who got off his mission about 2 months ago. He served in New York and his English is crazy good. He doesn't even have an accent and sometimes he forgets words in Spanish! So he comes with us to help teach English. After that lesson we were walking wondering who we should visit and this kid walked by us, and Daniel quickly says "Go talk to him." And without a second thought, I said "Ok." and walked right up to him and started talking. His name is Sebastian and he's 16 years old. Turns out he was taking lessons from the missionaries a while back, but once they got transferred, the missionaries didn't come back. So we have a lesson with him today! Let´s hope it goes well!

We challenged 3 people to baptism this week. The problem is that all of them will need signatures from parents...and none of the parents want to give permission. So that was a big reason we were working hard this week. These girls are ready! But their parents don't understand or something. But we're hoping maybe next week..or even this week we can get them into the waters of baptism and confirm them members! President Bruce had set the goal a while back to have 630 baptisms by the date 6/30 but about my first month here in Chile, he raised the goal to 670. Last Saturday was the last chance we had to meet that goal. Another reason we worked so hard. We couldn´t baptize but this morning we found out that we met it! 680 baptisms approx!!!!! Can you believe it! We're number one in South America! Do you know what the top baptizing mission in the world is? But it's so cool that President Bruce can go home with meeting EVERY SINGLE GOAL he ever set for his mission, including 670 baptisms in 6 months. But President Dalton is officially here! I'm not sure when I'll actually get to meet him.

So we did service this last Thursday for one of the families we're trying to baptize, and they live out in the country. We had to clean out some horse stalls. Don't worry, there hasn't been horses there for a while. They were full of junk...and the biggest spiders I've ever seen! And the spiders that were there are more dangerous than brown recluses and black widows. Needless to say I was pretty scared. But our zone leaders came to help..who were just as girly about spiders as we were hahaha not really, but it was soooo nasty. I hope they get baptized soon!

So Kayla, one of our investigators that we challenged last week, she's like a little missionary! She brought 2 of her friends to a baptism on Saturday, as well as church yesterday along with one of their brothers! It's so awesome to see how much she's progressing and how much she understands.

Other than that...working hard and sleeping like a baby every night haha. I miss you all but I'm loving it out here. My spanish is better than ever. I would say I'm on the verge of being fluent, but I still have a lot to learn! Thanks for all you do, and remember...God is your Father.

Hermana Howell

My new Comp!

June 24, 2013


Ok, my week. First of all, I totally forgot to tell you last week that we found out Jocelyn got baptized! Remember her? From Copiapó! I couldn't believe it! And apparently her family is attending church too! I wanted to cry because I was so happy, also sad because I wasn't there to see it :( But that's so awesome!

Well, Hermana Lefevre arrived, and it's been super! I love having a gringa compañera! We've had such great lessons and she has this spirit about her. I love working with her. And she's so happy all the time! I love it! We found this new investigator who is so completely in love with her husband, and it's so cute! We taught her about the plan of salvation, so let's hope she progresses!

Yesterday we had 9 people at church...that's a lot! 3 investigators, 5 less actives and 1 recent convert. It's Hermana Lefevre I tell ya. Everyone just wants to be with her! She's awesome. Today we played on the beach again. I love living here. I love the mission. I love Chile. I love you all!!!

Until next week,
Hermana Howell

Elder Church made me into a mermaid...Mermana Howell...hahhahahaha

Me and Hermana Lefevre from UTAH...haha

Me, Elder Hamblin, Elder Hughes, and....yup! Elder Church playing in the sand!

Now I´m an octopus...and a dog digging a huge hole next to me :)

Busy week!

June 17, 2013

Hello hello hello!!!

Wow. What a week. Monday was Monday. After pday ended at 6 we taught a few lessons. Normal stuff. Tuesday is District Meeting day, and we had the Best District Awards! I got best latina accent because on time our District leader called and Hermana Albornoz couldn't answer the phone so I did, and he thought he was talking to a latina!!! whoot whoot. That's what I'm talking about!

Wednesday we had intercambios with the sister leader trainers, so I went to go work in Simon Bolivar with Hermana Gorge. Wow. We know how to work with each other because we were just on the same page or something! We challenged someone to be baptized on the 29th of this month. It was so spiritual. We prayed with him right then and there to know if he should be baptized. He was crying and then his best friend shared his testimony, and boy, it was a golden lesson, let me tell ya. Now they just need permission from the parents!

Thursday (June 13) was my 4 month anniversary. Awwww. Haha, but really, before I know it, I'll be here 6! It's so crazy. Thursday is weekly planning, which always takes a few hours, and afterwards we took a zone picture, which never works out perfectly. We took a pic because guess what this week was...LAST WEEK OF TRANSFERS....

Friday was clean the pension day because of transfers. Not that our pension was disgusting, but always the weekend before transfers, we have to deep clean the place. That took all morning, but afterwards, the day went normal with lessons and what not.

Saturday was SERVICIO! We've been helping this recent convert finish her house, and I think last Saturday was the last Saturday! She just has to unpack and organize. Wow. That took a long time, but it was nice to help her out. Later that night, we visited Grace and her husband Jose, and Jose said the closing prayer. That's actually a really big deal. He's only said one other prayer with missionaries, so we've made a big step with him!

Yesterday was when we found out about transfers...who stays and goes. I'm staying in Arica! YAY! I was hoping I wasn't going to leave.  Hermana Albornoz is going down to Antofagasta, and she's companions with Hermana Severtson! My MTC COMP!! Funny how she's with someone else with the same time in the mission field haha. But now I'll be with Hermana Lefevre, who is a gringa! So I'm excited, but also worried for my Spanish. It's grown a lot this last transfer, so let's hope I keep it up! Hermana Lefevre only has 4 more weeks in the field than I do haha. Newbs. And Lefevre was Severtson's comp in Antofagasta! We just switched! Oh, I guess the original plan was I was supposed to go to Antofagasta and Albornoz stay another cambio here in Arica, but they switched that at the last minute. Who knows why! Oh, and Hermana García is staying too with Hermana Miner. 3 gringas in the pension! Hermana García's english is gonna take off! HAHA

But that's the big news this week. I've already had 5 comps in the mish and Lefevre will be my 6th. Can you believe that? Crazy huh. But it´s good to have variety. Oh, and Elder Church is transferred here to Arica! HURRICANE REPRESENT! haha

Good luck with everything back home! 

Hermana Howell

Hermana Miner from Utah!

Hermana Albornoz from Argentina!
Hermana Vega from Perú!

Elder Hotvedt from Utah! (And random man playing the piano)

Hermana Delgada from Perú!

The Best District Awards!

July 2, 2013

Bye President Bruce, hello fleas & earthquakes :/

Well, we finally got in touch with Marta and she was confirmed Sunday! ¡Por fin! Such a relief.

So we had our last conference with President Bruce on Friday. It was so sad. I've never seen so many Elders cry. I think it is one of the worst things that could happen to a missionary. We all took pictures and then had to say goodbye. The last words President Bruce said to me were "Ok my little girl, you're a great missionary. Keep it up while I'm gone." President Dalton has some big shoes to fill.... But I'm sure he will be great. Oh, as we were leaving the conference, there was a man in the street dancing...he had been drinking and he was shaking his hips. It was so funny!

Hahahahahahahaha que vergüenza....I have had problems with fleas. I haven't looked for dryer sheets because we don't have a dryer (dryer sheets work to keep the fleas away)...plus, we have someone do our laundry for us. And no one has dryers. So they might not have dryer sheets here. But that would be cool if you send those too!

We found a new investigator this week. She seems promising. She's a doctor, so it'll be hard to get her to church because she works so much, but we're praying hard!

We've had a couple little earthquakes here, which I hate, but it's really good at the same time, because if there's a bunch of little ones, then there's no big ones! I'd rather the earth move a little at a time then all at once...and they say Northern Chile is due for a whopper...NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Let's just hope the little ones keep on coming.

Well, love you all!

Until next week,
Hermana Howell

My zone with the President and his wife. 

Me, President Bruce, and Hermana Bruce for the last time :(

"Churrasco pobre"....so huge!

Time flies!

Wow, the time is starting to fly. Can you believe it's been almost 4 months since I left home? 4 MONTHS. Before I know it, it's gonna be 6 months, then 1 year, then I'm home! Wow, this is nuts.
This morning we went paintballing for zone activity! Actually, it was all three zones in Arica, so there were a lot of missionaries. It was so fun. Scary, but fun. I only got hit twice, both in the leg. We took a big group picture.
Oh Mom, I wanted to thank you for all the packages you send me! I realize they're a lot of money, but you're so awesome. Thanks again. I did get the other package on Thursday, and I was the popular kid in town with all those sweets!
Well, the girl who got baptized a couple weeks ago, Marta, hasn't shown up to church the past two Sundays, so she's not confirmed yet. This happened to the other Hermana's just before. It's so frustrating. Hopefully we get her to church next week!  Say a prayer!!

Love you all.
Hermana Howell

Part of Arica...my sector (if you look really hard) is on the left next to the ocean with a bunch of apartment buildings

El morro de Arica...the Christus statue

Quick trip to Antofagasta

Hi, hi, hi!

I loved the trip to Antofagasta. After the conference, I got to work with Hermana Severtson (my MTC comp) again! Yay! I was pretty nervous since our spanish is so-so, but we found 3 new investigators and taught the restoration all by ourselves! hahah it was pretty awesome. The Spirit was helping us no doubt. I'm liking Arica just fine! It's treating me good. 

Sorry not much to write today. You know the drill here haha. And that's how it is!

Love you all!

Hermana Howell

At the beach!