March 30, 2014

Of Things That Matter Most

Hello everybody!!!

What a crazy week! It was so good to go to Copiapó this week, after almost a year leaving that town. After the conference, we went and visited a couple members! It was so nice to see them and talk a little bit :) 

We did splits with the sisters of the Relief Society yesterday, and that was nice to get to know a little bit more the sisters here in Taltal :)

When we did the splits yesterday, I heard about the terremoto in Iquique (and Arica). I was so worried for Hermana Quispe and all the members I JUST left 3 weeks ago! It was the weirdest feeling I had. I had never felt like that before, that feeling of "I could have been there. I was JUST there!!" I called one of the Elder's in the office to see if what the knew. They said that everyone was still up on high ground waiting for the tsunami, but that all the missionaries were safe. But wow. I was so grateful to Heavenly Father that He moved me out of there just in time.

Seminary has been going great. The teens will be teens, but they're good kids. I really like this little branch :)

Hope all is well!

Hermana Howell

Me and Hermana Carranza

Hey everyone!

As far as the earthquakes go, we haven't felt anything at all, except for this morning there was a tiny short one. I didn't even feel it, I heard it. Weird huh haha, it sounded like there was a car accident outside or something, but I saw the lights moving, so it was an earthquake, but not much else than that.

This was a week of miracles. As a district, we fasted for the extra help from heaven :) And we definitely saw results. We had a car wash on Friday, and an inactive couple drove by and had their car washed. We asked them where they lived, and so we passed by on Saturday. They have a daughter named Javiera, who is the sweetest girl ever. She's not a member, but we invited them all to church, and Javiera went! We also had 6 other people who are investigating come to church. We had 52 people in church! This branch really is growing. And teaching seminary to the youth is super fun. I'm learning so much about the Book of Mormon that I just didn't see before. It's pretty awesome. We also had a Movie Night Friday night, and one of the Elder's investigators came!

So apparantly my email from last week didn't send or something, from my point of view it looks like it didn't send. But pretty much not much happened. I got to visit some people from Copiapó, and that was the best :) They were all pretty surprised that I could speak Spanish now haha. But also President Dalton said he doesn't want us knocking on doors anymore! Yay hahaha, nah, but he really wants us to work with the members to find more people.

Well, I just wanted to say that life is good. We are so blessed to live in a world that has so many beautiful things, like the ocean, mountains, lions, tigers, bears (oh my), horses, puppies, flowers, rivers, colors, strawberries, bikes, cars, music, guitars, pianos, temples, dresses, suites, friends, families, swing sets, slides, three-legged races, bubbles, rain (except in the Chile Antofagasta Mission), clouds, sun, moon, stars, popsicles, pools, umbrellas, cows (moo), smiles, cameras, movies, stuffed animals, drums, fun, love, happiness...and everything else. Oh, can't forget hot wings and hot cheetos haha. But life really is wonderful. And to know that God loves us and we're his children just makes life even more colorful. There are things that seem to dim that light sometimes, but we gotta keep it mind that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, died for us, and was resurrected so that we can enjoy that happiness that lasts forever. There are two videos that help me understand that even more. They're my favorite :)

I know that God has a plan for us. That He loves us and has not forgotten us. I know that He is there listening when we pray...if we're unsure, all we have to do is ask.

With all my love,
Hermana Howell

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