March 19, 2014

Catching up, part 3...(October '13)

. . . . I loved General Conference of course. We had an investigator come. I told you about him last week, his name is Liam, and we're going to challenge him for baptism this week. He's definitely prepared. But even though he's 21, he's a momma's boy, and she doesn't exactly like the Mormon' we'll see!

Not much else is going on here in Iquique. Just the normal routine of teaching and finding!!!

. . . . .Wow, Halloween is just getting started here in Chile. They want to copy the United States, so they adopted Halloween and it's only been around for about 6 or 7 years. Not many people are too into it yet. We're planning an activity this Wednesday for the ward for Halloween, but it's hard when no one really knows the point of Halloween or are into it. But I think it'll turn out great if we can get a lot of help from the members. It's also hard to find decorations haha, but we can do it!

Saying goodbye to Hermana Kennedy was hard. Even though we were only together for 6 weeks, we really connected and got along really well. Let's just say there were a lot of tears. But it's okay because we're gonna see each other after the mission back in Utah!!! I hope! haha. Hermana Quispe arrived, and it's definitely going to be different. We're fine and we laugh, and she teaches really well. She knows a lot! She is funny too when she isn't too serious haha. She's from Peru, so my spanish is gonna get better again! It has to after two gringa companions for 4 1/2 months! But she says I speak better than her trainer, who finished her mission already. Wow hahaha, but I still have a lot to learn!

The last few days were horrible! No body wanted to let us in their house. We had 4 lessons TOTAL the past three days. I have no idea why it was so bad. There was a soccer game on Saturday night (and you know, they are CRAZY for soccer here), so that was understandable as to why we couldn't find anyone to teach. But Friday and Sunday, I don't know what it was, but it was really hard to get lessons. Just one of those times in the mission that you hear about. Super rough, walking all day....ah well. That just means a super awesome week is just around the corner! :)

Well, off to another week!! Love you all!

Eating lunch together one last time

Me & Hermana Kennedy

Sunset on the ocean

. . . . .Hermana Quispe is great. We get along relatively well, I mean, her being latina and me a gringa. Let's just say it's even harder to go running in the morning haha, but everything is great.

We had a ward activity for was bad. We were sitting there for TWO hours and nobody showed up. NOBODY. Finally, someone showed up. The ZL's Garcia and Dixon showed up with the kids of their investigator, how embarrassing. They walked in and Garcia and Dixon were like "Where is everyone?" Eventually more kids showed up, but no more than like 15. Aww man it was bad. Oh!!! Maria Luz showed up (old investigator). SAY WHAT?? And she invited her friends too!!!! We have a cita with the mom today! That was a good surprise.

Familia Fernandez are good! We got a new dog in the house :) One morning right at 7:30 there was this really loud whining and crying right outside our window. It went on for FOREVER and around 8 I finally went out to see what it was. It was the smallest, cutest little puppy ever. Well, Papito..."No podemos dejarlo botado." So they adopted it. It's about 2 and a half months old. white lab I think, so it's gonna be another big dog. But it's a little mujer dog, so they named it Luna. It's so cute, but pees everywhere and always wants to chew on everything, but it's pretty spoiled here haha.

Dalibor has a fecha. He finally came to church yesterday. He's gonna get baptized the 16th, if all goes well. The thing is that he wants to get baptized in some hot water springs like 2 hours aways from Iquique. Crazy guy hahah, but we still gotta teach him the word of wisdom. He smokes. Great. But we have 2 other fechas!!! One, I'm not so sure about, but it's from an antiguo that we decided to stop by. The lesson turned into challenging her to get baptized. She said yeah, but we still got a while to go til she's really prepared. The other fecha we set yesterday. We FINALLY got that reference from Deibi haha. He brought him to church, and we set up an appointment for later on that day. Went over, set the fecha, bam he's gold. We found 8 news this week, and 2 the last. All we're doing here is finding finding finding, and it's actually paying off. We found a family. Mom, Dad, and two kids. One of the kids is only a year and a half, but the daughter is 12. They all came to church yesterday, minus the daughter, she wanted to sleep. But they live right across the street from the chapel. They seem like they could really progress. We wanna put a fecha with them this week!!!

Hard but really rewarding week. Feels good to work :) 

Love Ya!  Hermana Howell

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