March 31, 2014

So happy!!

¡Hola a mi familia y mis amigos!

The weeks just keep getting better and better. I'm sitting here in the internet café feeling so good, haha, and I really don't even know why! I just feel so happy. This past week was such a good week full of WORK, which always makes us happy. Hermana Carranza goes home in 7 weeks, so she just wants to work work work, and I love it. This past week we put a date for baptism with one of our investigators, Leo. He's a teenager who maybe has made a few wrong turns in his life, but wants to change so much. We're gonna try to prepare him for baptism on April 19th. Our last lesson with him, we taught him about the law of chastity, and he took it really well. He said it made sense to wait until marriage. Still, he says it's gonna be hard, but you can just see it in his eyes that he wants to do all he can to turn his life around. That's what I love about being a missionary...seeing that desire in the eyes of so many people, and seeing God change their lives, if they let Him.

We had splits with the sister leader trainers on Wednesday, and I got to work with Hermana Cluff from Mesa, AZ. She was so fun to work with. We went to the plaza here in Tal Tal and sang hymns. There was this man sitting all by himself listening to us sing, so we went over and talked to him, and shared a little bit about our purpose in life and how God loves him. He doesn't really live in Tal Tal, so I don't know what happened to him afterwards, but I know he felt at least a little bit of the Spirit.

Today, Hermana Carranza and I went to what's called La Puntilla, and it's this beach about 3 km out of Tal Tal (We walked of course. Missionaries.), and the water there is GREEN. But that pretty ocean green, and you can see right through the water. We sat there and enjoyed the creations of God. Woooo :)

Mom, I won´t be hearing for about another transfer...I lack about 4 1/2 months, and they start talking about all that stuff about 3 months left. So yeah, I'll be letting you know as soon as I know...BUT GAHHHHHHHH....4 AND A HALF MONTHS. THIS IS LOCO. I love the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope all is well en casa. I miss you all, and I hope that you all are studying your scriptures every night!!! They are the key to finding answers to the questions of the soul.

Hermana Howell

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