July 22, 2013

We are on fire!

July 1, 2013

Hi there!!

Wow. I really love working with Hermana Lefevre. We worked so hard this week! We had the highest numbers in our zone I think. I don't know for sure yet, but we worked our little legs off. We found 6 new investigators, brought 5 to church, and taught 29 lessons. One short of our goal haha, our goal was 30. But man I really love this companionship. We laugh all the time and work like crazy.

Monday we taught one of our investigators, Kote. We usually teach English right before the spiritual lesson with Daniel. He's one of the ward missionaries here who got off his mission about 2 months ago. He served in New York and his English is crazy good. He doesn't even have an accent and sometimes he forgets words in Spanish! So he comes with us to help teach English. After that lesson we were walking wondering who we should visit and this kid walked by us, and Daniel quickly says "Go talk to him." And without a second thought, I said "Ok." and walked right up to him and started talking. His name is Sebastian and he's 16 years old. Turns out he was taking lessons from the missionaries a while back, but once they got transferred, the missionaries didn't come back. So we have a lesson with him today! Let´s hope it goes well!

We challenged 3 people to baptism this week. The problem is that all of them will need signatures from parents...and none of the parents want to give permission. So that was a big reason we were working hard this week. These girls are ready! But their parents don't understand or something. But we're hoping maybe next week..or even this week we can get them into the waters of baptism and confirm them members! President Bruce had set the goal a while back to have 630 baptisms by the date 6/30 but about my first month here in Chile, he raised the goal to 670. Last Saturday was the last chance we had to meet that goal. Another reason we worked so hard. We couldn´t baptize but this morning we found out that we met it! 680 baptisms approx!!!!! Can you believe it! We're number one in South America! Do you know what the top baptizing mission in the world is? But it's so cool that President Bruce can go home with meeting EVERY SINGLE GOAL he ever set for his mission, including 670 baptisms in 6 months. But President Dalton is officially here! I'm not sure when I'll actually get to meet him.

So we did service this last Thursday for one of the families we're trying to baptize, and they live out in the country. We had to clean out some horse stalls. Don't worry, there hasn't been horses there for a while. They were full of junk...and the biggest spiders I've ever seen! And the spiders that were there are more dangerous than brown recluses and black widows. Needless to say I was pretty scared. But our zone leaders came to help..who were just as girly about spiders as we were hahaha not really, but it was soooo nasty. I hope they get baptized soon!

So Kayla, one of our investigators that we challenged last week, she's like a little missionary! She brought 2 of her friends to a baptism on Saturday, as well as church yesterday along with one of their brothers! It's so awesome to see how much she's progressing and how much she understands.

Other than that...working hard and sleeping like a baby every night haha. I miss you all but I'm loving it out here. My spanish is better than ever. I would say I'm on the verge of being fluent, but I still have a lot to learn! Thanks for all you do, and remember...God is your Father.

Hermana Howell

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