July 22, 2013

My new Comp!

June 24, 2013


Ok, my week. First of all, I totally forgot to tell you last week that we found out Jocelyn got baptized! Remember her? From CopiapĆ³! I couldn't believe it! And apparently her family is attending church too! I wanted to cry because I was so happy, also sad because I wasn't there to see it :( But that's so awesome!

Well, Hermana Lefevre arrived, and it's been super! I love having a gringa compaƱera! We've had such great lessons and she has this spirit about her. I love working with her. And she's so happy all the time! I love it! We found this new investigator who is so completely in love with her husband, and it's so cute! We taught her about the plan of salvation, so let's hope she progresses!

Yesterday we had 9 people at church...that's a lot! 3 investigators, 5 less actives and 1 recent convert. It's Hermana Lefevre I tell ya. Everyone just wants to be with her! She's awesome. Today we played on the beach again. I love living here. I love the mission. I love Chile. I love you all!!!

Until next week,
Hermana Howell

Elder Church made me into a mermaid...Mermana Howell...hahhahahaha

Me and Hermana Lefevre from UTAH...haha

Me, Elder Hamblin, Elder Hughes, and....yup! Elder Church playing in the sand!

Now I´m an octopus...and a dog digging a huge hole next to me :)

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