July 2, 2013

Time flies!

Wow, the time is starting to fly. Can you believe it's been almost 4 months since I left home? 4 MONTHS. Before I know it, it's gonna be 6 months, then 1 year, then I'm home! Wow, this is nuts.
This morning we went paintballing for zone activity! Actually, it was all three zones in Arica, so there were a lot of missionaries. It was so fun. Scary, but fun. I only got hit twice, both in the leg. We took a big group picture.
Oh Mom, I wanted to thank you for all the packages you send me! I realize they're a lot of money, but you're so awesome. Thanks again. I did get the other package on Thursday, and I was the popular kid in town with all those sweets!
Well, the girl who got baptized a couple weeks ago, Marta, hasn't shown up to church the past two Sundays, so she's not confirmed yet. This happened to the other Hermana's just before. It's so frustrating. Hopefully we get her to church next week!  Say a prayer!!

Love you all.
Hermana Howell

Part of Arica...my sector (if you look really hard) is on the left next to the ocean with a bunch of apartment buildings

El morro de Arica...the Christus statue

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