July 22, 2013

Busy week!

June 17, 2013

Hello hello hello!!!

Wow. What a week. Monday was Monday. After pday ended at 6 we taught a few lessons. Normal stuff. Tuesday is District Meeting day, and we had the Best District Awards! I got best latina accent because on time our District leader called and Hermana Albornoz couldn't answer the phone so I did, and he thought he was talking to a latina!!! whoot whoot. That's what I'm talking about!

Wednesday we had intercambios with the sister leader trainers, so I went to go work in Simon Bolivar with Hermana Gorge. Wow. We know how to work with each other because we were just on the same page or something! We challenged someone to be baptized on the 29th of this month. It was so spiritual. We prayed with him right then and there to know if he should be baptized. He was crying and then his best friend shared his testimony, and boy, it was a golden lesson, let me tell ya. Now they just need permission from the parents!

Thursday (June 13) was my 4 month anniversary. Awwww. Haha, but really, before I know it, I'll be here 6! It's so crazy. Thursday is weekly planning, which always takes a few hours, and afterwards we took a zone picture, which never works out perfectly. We took a pic because guess what this week was...LAST WEEK OF TRANSFERS....

Friday was clean the pension day because of transfers. Not that our pension was disgusting, but always the weekend before transfers, we have to deep clean the place. That took all morning, but afterwards, the day went normal with lessons and what not.

Saturday was SERVICIO! We've been helping this recent convert finish her house, and I think last Saturday was the last Saturday! She just has to unpack and organize. Wow. That took a long time, but it was nice to help her out. Later that night, we visited Grace and her husband Jose, and Jose said the closing prayer. That's actually a really big deal. He's only said one other prayer with missionaries, so we've made a big step with him!

Yesterday was when we found out about transfers...who stays and goes. I'm staying in Arica! YAY! I was hoping I wasn't going to leave.  Hermana Albornoz is going down to Antofagasta, and she's companions with Hermana Severtson! My MTC COMP!! Funny how she's with someone else with the same time in the mission field haha. But now I'll be with Hermana Lefevre, who is a gringa! So I'm excited, but also worried for my Spanish. It's grown a lot this last transfer, so let's hope I keep it up! Hermana Lefevre only has 4 more weeks in the field than I do haha. Newbs. And Lefevre was Severtson's comp in Antofagasta! We just switched! Oh, I guess the original plan was I was supposed to go to Antofagasta and Albornoz stay another cambio here in Arica, but they switched that at the last minute. Who knows why! Oh, and Hermana García is staying too with Hermana Miner. 3 gringas in the pension! Hermana García's english is gonna take off! HAHA

But that's the big news this week. I've already had 5 comps in the mish and Lefevre will be my 6th. Can you believe that? Crazy huh. But it´s good to have variety. Oh, and Elder Church is transferred here to Arica! HURRICANE REPRESENT! haha

Good luck with everything back home! 

Hermana Howell

Hermana Miner from Utah!

Hermana Albornoz from Argentina!
Hermana Vega from Perú!

Elder Hotvedt from Utah! (And random man playing the piano)

Hermana Delgada from Perú!

The Best District Awards!

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