July 4, 2014

The Work is Great!

I know I say this about every week....but this was the best week ever!!! I don't know, but somehow it gets better every week :)

On Tuesday we went to this house for a FHE. The couple aren't married (but they don't live together! WOO!) and the man isn't a member. The woman was inactive for YEARS, and get this...HE activated HER, and he's not even a member. We listened to their story....wow. We all ended up crying. It was so perfect in that little house. He's definitely ready to be baptized, the only thing is that he lives in the other sector....oh well, doesn't matter. All he wants is the best for his 3 little girls. He works 7 days and rests 7 days, and he says in those 7 days he's working, he misses his family too much. He needs to know if they can be closer and be an eternal family! PERFECT. The Spirit was so strong. They are my favorite family :)

We also have a new investigator (referral from two different members). She as well is looking for the true church. She's been studying the Bible for 6 months. She didn't believe in God before, and she still hasn't shared with us her experience that made her believe that God existed, but now she's looking. And we're there to answer her questions. She asked if there was like after death, and we said YES! and that families can be together forever. She perked up when we said that. She's a great investigator.

On Friday, we went to the house of a less-active (that we didn't know he was a less-active before we went). We taught them the first lesson, him and his wife. He cried 2 times during the lesson, and went to the baptism we had this week! One sister from the ward recognized him. She came up to us all excited and said "We were baptized the same day 40 years ago!!!!!!!" and she went and was their friend.

Carla's baptism was perfect. The Spirit was the strongest I've ever felt in a baptism. One couple from the ward sang and that was when the Spirit just hit everyone like a ton of bricks. Afterwards Carls bore her testimony, and you just KNEW that the Spirit was with us. It was perfect!

All this is why I love being a missionary. I have a front-row seat to the greatest miracles in the world! I see people's lives be changed and blessed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. There really is no other feeling like it. I'm gonna miss this.

Con amor,
Hermana Jennifer Howell

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