July 9, 2014

Family Home Evening!

Hey all!

This week was pretty normal, but also super :) On Wednesday, Hermana Tuft and Hermana Albornoz stayed with us because they had to come to Antofagasta to got to the dentist (Hermana Albornoz's molar fell out...lack of calcium. DON'T FORGET TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE!). But it was nice to see them again. Hadn't seen them for a while! :)

That Wednesday night, we had had a FHE planned with an investigator and a family in the ward. Well, last minute, the family cancelled on us, and we were calling like crazy every family in the ward to see if they could have us for a last-minute FHE. NOBODY could do it, except one sister. She literally saved our lives. And it was perfect! She's now the official friend of our investigator :)

Yesterday was awesome! First off, the Gimenez family invited us to eat at their house. We shared a scripture, and I was so nervous to be teaching a member of the 70...haha but it was great. We planned a FHE with him and his family this Wednesday with Carla and her family (the lady who was baptized this past Saturday).

Last night we had a FHE that was the best one so far in my mission. The Garrisons went (the senior couple), the previous bishop and his family, the president of the Relief Society and Elders Quorum (they're married) and we went to the house of a sister who's recently activating herself from a HARD life she's had. It was spiritual. We talked about eternal families. Each couple shared their stories of how they met, and really what's it's been like the married life. Then Elder Garrison promised the sister that one day her day will come where she'll find a husband that God has prepared for her. It was a good lesson.

Well, today, a dream came true. HOT WINGS. I about died. They were SOOOOOOO good.

Well, that's about it for this week! Love you all :)

Hermana Howell

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