July 21, 2014

Inactives, Investigators and Baptisms, oh my!

Hey all!

Hope all is well! This has been a really great week :)

MONDAY: Family Home Evening with one of our coolest investigators, Thomas, and his girlfriend, Dyana (who's a member). We watched that video "Together Forever" and even though it's super old, it was PERFECT to watch with them. He's gonna get baptized :)

WEDNESDAY: We visited this little old lady who's inactive. It was so sad to see her. She's got like the beginnings of Alzheimers or something like that, and she started to cry because nobody goes to visit her...it broke our heart. Hermana Maldonado started to cry. We just thought about our own mommies and how we couldn't leave them abandoned like that. GO VISIT THE ELDERLY. They just need some love.

THURSDAY: Interviews with President! It was good and both I and Hermana Maldonado seemed to pass haha ;)

FRIDAY: We decided to contact a reference from the office that we actually received forever ago, but she never answered her phone. Well, we FINALLY were able to share with her...and she's GOLDEN. She's from Colombia and lives in this TINY room with her husband and two little boys. She started to cry because she knew that during the trials in her life when she needed to get closer to God, she actually went further away. It was so sad. She's so stressed out.

SATURDAY: We invited that same investigator to a baptism in another ward. Her husband went too!!!! We arrived late to the baptism, but it was still a good experience. It was nice to get out of the house I think. After the baptism, we had a FHE with this part-member family. We watched the "Together Forever" again, and once again, it was perfect. The wife isn't a member, and she started to cry. Good thing the Spirit was with us to know what to say!

SUNDAY: The investigator family that went to the baptism also went to church yesterday (along with 3 other investigators as well)!!! Despite not having ANYTHING, they look happy. They literally have nothing, not even a little money so her husband could ride the bus to work! A sister from the ward, along with the 1st counselor and another brother from the ward went and bought groceries and gave them money. I could tell she was SO grateful to receive it. Also, after lunch, we went to another investigators house with the Garrison (the investigator from last week where we watched the Joseph Smith movie). He said he'd be baptized when he knows that this is true!!! WOOOO!!!

TODAY: We went to Mejillones with Thomas and Dyana!!! It's a nice little town, and they treated us to lunch and this really good restaurant. I don't know what type of fish I had, but it was SOOOOO good.....Red Lobster awaits!!! :)

I hope all is well with you all like it is for me here! :)


Hermana Jennifer Howell

Me & Hermana Maldonado

Mummy :}

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