June 24, 2014


So this week was a pretty good one. First things first...there were two games this week for Chile. The first one they won and the one today they lost. GAHHHHHHHH. But President gave us permission to watch the game today (with conditions of course), and it was sad because we lost. Not ONE goal. LAME. Ah well, at least Chile still doesn't go home. People told me yesterday that the States tied with Portugal. Apparently it was a surprise for all. Hahah. These Chileans are sure passionate about their futbol.

This week we recieved 4 references!! 2 from a sister who's inactive, another one from that man that stopped us in the street last week, and get this...one sister from the ward gave us this referral that is her friend in the salon. Afterwards, we went to a baptism in the other ward and a sister from that ward gave us the SAME referral...sooo, she's pretty much gold. We're gonna stop by her house tomorrow! WOOO HOOOOOOOO

Our investigator who got married last week, Carla, had her interview. OF COURSE she passed. So her baptism is this Saturday at noon! Woooo I'm so excited for her. She is very ready. We finished up the lessons the other day, and she shared her testimony...the Spirit was so strong. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Friday we had zone conference! It was a really good conference. We did this one activity with the Book of Mormon where they pulled questions out of a box and we had to find scriptures only from the Book of Mormon to answer them. Some of them were easy, and others we had to look a little harder to find, but it was cool because it showed us just how many answers we really CAN answer with the Book of Mormon.

Funny quote of the week: "Our country isn't that big, but we expand like ants." It was so funny because Hermana Maldonado was talking about how if you look at events that have happened in history of the world, there's ALWAYS a Chilean somewhere in there. Hahaha.

Well, that's about it for this week! Hope all is well!
Hermana Jennifer Howell

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