July 15, 2014



So actually, this week was HILARIOUS. Maybe not in the moment when it happened, but now that I think about it, I'm dying I'm laughing so hard.

Last week when we were coming down the mountain from a members house, it was already dark, so we were walking pretty fast, and we passed by this dog that was sleeping. I guess we scared it or something, because it started growling, then it got up and was barking at us. Hermana Maldonado was screaming "sale sale Sale SALEEEEEEEE!!!!!" And I wanted to scream "Recoil....release!" (hahahah) and we ran down the hill. The dog didn't chase after us but kept barking. As soon as we turned the corner, a less active said "HERMANAS!" and...oh how embarrassing, I totally biffed it because she scared me!

THEEENNN, this last Tuesday, we went and tried to visit that less active who lives on that corner. Well, she wasn't home, so we decided to head up the hill to visit more people. Well, we totally forgot that dog lives there...so we turned the corner, and there it was lying on the sidewalk. As soon as it saw us, it started growling. We crossed the street to maybe walk up the other side and not bother it...but it got up and started crossing the street too!!! But the owner called him over and said that we could pass by because he had his dog. PHEW. So we passed and we were actually up the hill pretty far, WAY pass the house, you couldn't even see it anymore, when all of sudden I hear a barking, and I turned and the dog is CHARGING toward us. Okay, at about this moment we know we're going to die. So I practically fall to the ground picking up as many rocks as I find to chuck at the dog to scare it away, and I hear it coming closer and closer. Hermana Maldonado has already run further up the street screaming "SOMEBODY HELP US PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm all like,"Hermana help me get more rocks!!!!!" But she's already hyperventilating. I get up off the ground and I start booking it as I'm chucking rocks at this dang dog coming to eat us alive. I honestly don't remember what happened next because of all the adrenaline and my life passing before my eyes all going on in my head, but I just remember running down one street and the dog wasn't there anymore. There were some guys fixing their car and some ladies that live in the street that were laughing their heads off. I was angry at the moment and just wanted to yell at them"Ok, let us get eaten alive. And I'm here trying to save your soul!!!!" But now that I think about it...it probably was pretty hilarious to see...

And about every day all week, there have been dogs that HATE us! I don't know what's changed, but we walk with boulders in our pockets. Haha, WHAT AN ADVENTURE.

Well, Wednesday we had the FHE with Elder Gimenez and his family with Carla and her family. OF COURSE it was a good lesson. Something Elder Gimenez said I liked a lot. He said "Si el SeƱor lo pide, es porque se puede."  "If the Lord asks, it's because it can be done." We talked about prayer and always studying the scriptures. Then afterwards, we told our story of the devil dog, and everyone was laughing so hard with tears in their eyes. Good night :)

Yesterday was a wonderful day as well. An investigator came to church...it was his first time. He always denied the invitation to go to church. Hermana Maldonado and I gave talks yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, and in the middle of my talk, I looked up, and there he was with his wife and kids. I was so happy and surprised, I couldn't remember what I was going to say...awkward silence...but it was awesome. Later that night, we went to their house with the Garrisons and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. That movie is so awesome, and the Garrisons have this special spirit, I don't know what it is, but whenever we take them with us to lessons, something clicks with the investigators, and they start progressing more! They're our secret weapon. Haha no, but it was perfect. Our investigator really seems to be making some changes now :)

I'm glad to hear everyone's surviving :) Thank you for your prayers, love, and support! I pray for you guys every day. Love you all :)


Hermana Jennifer Howell

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