June 6, 2014

Referrals! Woo hoo!

So let me tell you about this week.

You know those bags they gave the whole mission to use instead of backpacks? Mine already broke. Good luck to those missionaries who just started their missions. Mine lasted 3 weeks. Good thing Hermana Garcia left another bag in the house, so I'm using that one.

This week, we received about a million referrals! Okay, I wish, but more like 5 or 6, and that's a lot! The ward here in Antofa is really getting motivated about missionary work! Our prayers are being answered. And we finally have a ward mission leader! He just returned from his mission in Brazil. Literally JUST returned, on Wednesday. Hahaha he still speaks weird. I'm now able to hear different accents. It's fun!

This last Saturday, the ward had a baptism of an 8 year old boy, and we found out his dad isn't a member. There's a lot of sisters here in the ward where the husband isnt a member, so we've been working a lot with those families! A few of them have great potential!

So all day yesterday and today I was sick. Yesterday I woke up with an upset stomach and this morning I had chest pains, but not like heartburn. But it was like a burning in my lungs. My whole body hurt and I had like no strength. I asked my district leader and his companion to give me a blessing, and afterwards, I immediately felt better. Now, I feel fine. Just hungry cuz I haven't eaten much of anything for the past two days! The priesthood really is the power of God! Woo hooo! :)

Hasta luego,
Hna. Jennifer Howell

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