May 27, 2014

Praise the Man

Hey everyone!!!
This was probably one of the best weeks EVER. I met MI HIJA! Woooooohooooooo. She is AWESOME. She's from Santiago and she hilarious. Everything she says is hilarious, and I really don't know why. Her name is Hermana Maldonado and we're basically the same person. Get this. She was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I FOUND MY LATIN TWIN. Haha, nah, but she has the strongest testimony! Everytime she shares it, the world shakes. (Literally, we're in Chile.) No haha, but it's powerful. We get along so well. She makes training easy. Okay, I've never done it before, but everyone says it's stressful. Maybe it will be down the line, but for now, she's making my job easy! :)
So yesterday we went and visited a members who's daughter isn't a member. The dad won't give her permission to get baptized (she's 16). It was the most powerful lesson I've been in. The daughter has always gone to church with her mom (the member obv) since she was little, and she's pretty much a member, just without baptism. Well we asked her if she needed anything or had any questions. She started crying and said that she just didn't know if everything she has ever been sure of was true anymore. Hermana Maldonado was inspired to tell her story about how SHE knew that all the things her parents had taught were the truth. Then we shared about Joseph Smith. If Joseph Smith didn't have questions, we wouldn't be in her house testifying of this great cause. I felt so much love for that little girl! We definitely felt the Spirit testify.

I hope all is well and that you're all enjoying that heat! SUMMAH TIME uughhhhh ;)
Much love!
Hermana Jennifer Howell

Conference with Elder and Sister Spannaus


I Love this song about Joseph Smith

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