May 13, 2014

Awesome Members

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty cool. Being able to see you guys was great! Hallejuah for Skype! Everyone is so big! (As in older hahaha)
This week we went over to an investigators house and watched the Joseph Smith movie! That movie is magic. She really felt the Spirit, as did the rest of us, and she KNEW Joseph Smith was a prophet. Awesome! I love that movie! Watch it again if you haven't lately!

We had a lot of members go with us to lessons, and one was particularly good. We took a sister from the ward to meet a referral that the office passed us. Everything went great in the lesson, and after we left, the sister said that she felt a huge need to help the investigator. She said that she wants to plan a family home evening and invite her and help her come to church. It was awesome to see the enthusiasm build in that member!
I hope all is well! Love you all!
Hna. Howell

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