March 1, 2013

I'm Lovin' It!!


Can you believe my first week at the MTC is over???? I now understand the meaning behind the saying, "The days are long, but the weeks are fast." When I think about all I have done, it seems like I have been here a long time. But then I realize that's it's only been 7 days! Boy, it's something here. I love being completely immersed in the gospel all day, every day. It's a different experience, that's for sure, but I'm loving it. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and just caring!

I did see Elder Gowans yesterday! Not that I'm an expert or anything, but you can tell who the new missionaries are here, haha. They have this look on their face that I'm SURE I had my first day! I've also seen both Elder and Sister Stone, as well as a few other Elders from Hurricane. I've also seen quite a bit of missionaries from Mountain Crest and SUU! Except, now that I write that, I realize I already told you that....sorry! The days all blend into one here, I don't know what I did on what day!

Did I already tell you my companion's names??? I thought I did, but it doesn't hurt to try again! My very first companion, Hermana Brewster, was from North Salt Lake. She, however, was supposed to be in Advanced Spanish, so I wasn't even her companion for 24 hours. Now I'm in a trio with Hermana Smith and Hermana Severtson. Hermana Smith is from Rexburg, and Hermana Severtson is from Mesa (Queen Creek to be exact). We all get along really well. We all have something to add. I'm definitely the more outgoing on (shocker, right?? Haha), Hermana Smith is the quiet one who keeps us studying when we're losing focus, and Hermana Severtson is the cute little sweet girl who knows Spanish pretty well already! I love my companions a lot.

The Spanish is coming along surprisingly well. I can pretty much understand everything the teachers are saying, that is, if they say it slow. Once they pick it up, I can't follow. But yes, I understand most all of it!!! It's pretty exciting. All of class is in Spanish, plus when we teach our "investigator," that has to be all in Spanish, or they say "No entiendo" which means "I don't understand." It's frustrating sometimes, to not be able to say all that I want to say as fast as I want to say it, but hey, it's only the first week! Think of where I'll be when I'm done here! Elder Stone said he could  understand it fully at 2 weeks! I'm almost there!

I've given up 18 months of my life to serve the Lord. If I ever waste time, it's not my time I'm wasting, it's His.  Every day, the Spirit testifies to me the truthfulness of this gospel, and that I'm doing what the Lord would have me do. I know that Jesus is my Savior.

Hugs and kisses <3
Hermana Howell

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  1. Look forward to reading about your adventures in Chili. Stay safe we will be praying for your success. Love,Sister Judd