March 10, 2013

Boy oh Boy!

March 1, 2013

I have to tell you all the coolest thing.  Every Sunday in Sacrament there are 2 talks from the missionaries, and then 2 talks from a leader and his wife,  the catch is that the missionaries don't know if they are speaking!  They announce it at the pulpit.  AND the talks have to be in Spanish.  Go figure.  I haven't been called yet, but they tell us the theme each month, we prepare a talk, an hope we don't get called hahah.

In our class we started teaching our second investigator, "Junior," and boy oh boy, the first lesson was the best lesson ever.  We relied on the Spirit, our Spanish wasn't perfect, but I could tell that it was much better than seconds before in the hallway.  Hermana Smith started reciting the First Vision, and it was so powerful.  The Spirit got stronger, and she remembered it perfectly.  She was crying, the investigator was crying, the sister taking notes was crying, Hermana Severtson was crying and I was crying.  I never doubted whether or not the First Vision really happened, but right then was when my belief turned to knowledge.  I had this swelling in my chest, I wanted to dance and sing and scream and laugh and cry and jump and just do everything!!! It was an experience I'll never forget.

Hermana Howell

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