April 14, 2014

What's Happening to Chile?!


Well, this week I started work here in Antofagasta! The sector is gigantic, probably bigger than Taltal...It's huge. But there are really good people here. We met with the "friend" of one of the members (probably her boyfriend) and we talked and taught, and if everything goes well, he's getting baptized on June 14th! Woohoo!!! But really, as far as the work goes, not much else different going on! The members here are great and ready to give references!

Mainly, I'm just gonna talk about the crazy stuff happening in Chile. Well, you all have heard about the earthquake that happened a couple weeks back up in Iquique and Arica. There are still aftershocks happening, but nothing too terrible. But this week, maybe you haven't heard, but there's a huge fire burning up Valparaìso! That's just a little bit further south than our mission. There have been (from what I've heard) like about 500 houses burned. Poor people!!! Poor Chile!!! What is happening??!! Please keep Chile in your prayers!

Here are the pictures from the tsunami alert in the middle of the night...and the craziness happening in Chile.
Keep safe!!!

Hermana Howell

Earthquake in the North

Hanging at a safe zone till the tsunami alerts are lifted

Catastrophe in Valparaiso

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