May 23, 2013

Crazy few weeks


So I know it has been a while since anything new has been posted, well you can blame that on my mom, she probably gets busy or forgets.  Here a few snippets of the past few weeks...........

Wanna hear a super hilarious story? I got locked in the bathroom. HAHAHAHAHA yep, it finally happened to me. So here's what happened: Somehow, the doorknob broke, and the knobs turn, but the inside doesn't, so we have to be careful shutting the door. Well, one morning I totally forgot and shut the door all the way, and I was locked in forever. Hermana García couldn't get the door open, so she called one of the members, to come help. We tried and tried, I took the  hinges off, but I was stuck forever. I couldn't understand what they were trying to tell me, it was in Spanish you know. We were passing stuff through the window, but nothing would work. Eventually I asked Hermana to pass me my scriptures, because this was gonna take a while. She called our Zone Leaders, but they didn't answer. Then she called our District Leader, but he didn't answer, so then she called some other Elders in our zone, but they aren't allowed to leave their sector without permission. Oh boy. Finally, FOUR Elder's showed up after twenty billion phone calls for directions and permission and whatnot, and they busted down the door, and I was free!!! I think I know what I'm going to be famous for throughout my mission.....hahaha

We had a really good lesson with Jocelyn's mom. We're having a breakthrough, I tell ya! Pray hard!  Love ya!


I totally forgot to write last week about this, and I have no idea why because it's kind of a big deal, but guess who had to talk in sacrament meeting last week...yep. Hermana García. She had to do it in spanish, too! Well, that's easy for her. Ok, I had to talk too. Yep, that was fun. Let's  just say my talk was short and sweet and to the point, just like my ¨farewell¨ talk. Oh just so you know, my talk was in Spanish...I think. I really don't know because I don´t speak spanish. hahahhaha

It's getting a lot colder, but the blankets here are made of fire, because I wake up every morning drenched in sweat and no blankets in sight. So I'm good. 

Ok, so I still don't know exactly when I'll be calling on Sunday because guess what...I'M GOING TO ARICA!!!!!!!!!! The other end of the the very tipy top of Chile. We have a 20 hour bus ride tonight. FUN. Get this. Both me and Hermana García are transferring there, and we're even living in the same pension, we just aren't going to be companions anymore. Crazy huh!!! I'm so excited, because it´s a lot warmer there! I LOVE THE HEAT! And Hermana Smith (remember one of my comps from the MTC) is in Arica with Hermana García's companion from before me. This is getting crazy. It's so exciting. Oh, and there's going to be Elders here in Copayapu, my sector, which is a HUGE deal, because there hasn't been Elders here for pretty much forever. There was a time where no missionaries were in this sector, and then it's been sisters ever since. The ward is torn because they love sisters, but oh well! hahah it's exciting, transfers.

That´s the big stuff going on. Oh, Hermana García got a phone call from Pres. Bruce on Friday. Her dad is in a coma, really sick and it doesn't look good. So on top of everything, saying goodbye to the ward and investigators here, she has her family to worry about. The mission is a crazy time!

We´ll probably get to write one more time this week to make certain the time for Skypage on Mother's Day!  Love ya!


I forgot to tell you things about our trip to Arica, so when me and Hermana García were getting on the bus in Copiapó to come here to Arica, they couldn't fit some of our bags. I had two of mine and Hermana García had only one. So my big bag with all my clothes stayed in Copiapó for the rest of the week!  Do you know how hard it is to only have one skirt for the whole week? No. you don't. It's gross. haha And no one is my size here, so it was hard. But we finally got our bags! Whew!

Oh, and there is an Elder Mckonkie in my zone. And yes, he's related to you know who. He looks just like him!

Oh, Hermana García's dad passed away. But she is really calm about it because she knows of the plan of salvation. This church is true.

We have a baptism on Saturday (May 18), I'll let you know how it goes, hopefully with pictures!  Till next week!  Love ya!!


So the baptism went great! I forgot to bring the cord again, so hopefully I'll remember next week and pictures will come!!!

So something funny happened! President Bruce and every missionary from Iquique north to Arica had a conference Thursday. It was so cool. They fed us tacos for lunch. Then during the night, I was sick! So was Hermana García. The other two Hermanas weren't. The next morning, turns out almost half the mission got sick from those tacos! I wasn't super sick, and I was super grateful because we heard that some missionaries were throwing up a ton down south. But all is good now! So no need to worry! ;)

Not much else is going on but normal missionary work. Oh, last monday night, Hermana Albornoz went down to Antofagasta for the newbie conference, and I have that sometime this week, so that is what is going on with my week yay!

Welp, I gotta go love you all!

Hermana Howell
Me and Hermana Garcia in town.

Ugliest dog I have ever seen!

Having an iced cream break :)

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