February 22, 2013

First Day @ the MTC

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Buenos dias!

My oh my, the MTC is CRAZY!  I love it here.  Everyone is so nice and welcoming. The days don't seem very long either...until you sit in the same classroom for 4 hours straight of Spanish!  And my teacher ONLY speaks Spanish.  It's a bit overwhelming, but actually fun as well (then we had 1 more hour of additional language study).

My first companion was Hermana Brewster, however, she was supposed to be in advanced Spanish (she had 2 semesters of Spanish, and studied abroad in Espana!), so they switched her today, and my new companeras (I'm in a trio) are Hermana Smith y Herman Severtson.  Al of us (including Hermana Brewster) are going to Antofagasta.  The other companionship in our room are going to Chile as well, but to Santigo North.  Oh, and Hermana Brewster changed rooms, FYI, that's why I'm in a trio, because everything switched for her, even schedule!

Well, it's lights out soon!  Love to all!

Hasta Luego,

Hermana Howell

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